Fairfield 2005 – Unforgetable moments! 25 de julho


Last day!

 Last class, and last day in Fairfield.

It is difficult to say goodbye.

In name of the group, I would like to say thank you for all the families that hosted us for so long.

Thank you for each one of you that give your contributions to make our stay here so complete.

Be sure that each one of you will be deep in our heart forever.

We will miss you.

To the Brazilian guys:

 I hope to see you soon. Have a nice trip back to Brazil. I will miss all you.

Well, Maria Thereza, Ana, Cecilia, Mitiko, Cris, Lara and me are going to New York for one week more. When we come back to Brazil, I will finish it.

Folks, it worth coming to Fairfield.

Thank you for all. 


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